February 3, 2010

Gift Basket for Kelli Perkins!

So my friend Kelli Perkins has been a huge inspiration to me - recently she has come out with a WONDERFUL, amazing book called "Stitch Alchemy." I absolutely love it!! Because she is truly amazing and has inspired me personally to keep on creating, I thought it would be great to acknowledge and congratulate her on her book with a gift basket full of goodies I know she'll love : ) I'll add a link to her blog later - but for now at least wanted to get these photos uploaded of the gifty things I gave her. My mom made a needle-felted piece - which became the center of the keepsake box, which I glued to the top then added vintage trim and buttons, then topped it all off with some beads and vintage costume jewelry. The little fiber cards are laminate samples that I covered with paper and collaged, then used markers and watercolor crayons to punch up the color. Add a little delicious fiber to each card, organize on a colored ring, tie a bow and add a tag - and you have a delightful little sampling of special fibers! Also I included a hand-carved stamp (a bird, because I think of Kelli's bird images in her work) and because I call her "Chickadee" - and a collaged glass bottle filled with vintage beads. It was so fun to make this for her - some of my most precious art time has been getting together with her to exchange ideas and goodies, and just simply create.
I encourage EVERY art quilter or altered artist - well just ANY artist!! - to check out Kelli's book, and her blog. Fantastic!!!!

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