February 25, 2010

Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

Today I carved a Rubber Stamp using Speedball's "Speedy Carve Block." This was an etsy request, and the buyer provided me with the image to carve. It is SO easy to do - and a great way to add custom images to your stamping and art work.

I made a label for it, with sticker paper and the actual stamped image, and mounted it onto a wooden block.

This is the actual carved side:

This technique is SO easy - the "Speedy Carve" material cuts like butter with a set of linoleum cutting tools. I plan to do several more in the near future of my own images, such as birds, swirl motifs, and diamonds as it has been quite awhile since I did any of my own carved rubber stamps - I had forgotten how much fun it was! I plan to do several more carvings of my own images because also that way, the images aren't copyrighted. 

For a tutorial on rubber stamp carving, click here: http://www.lawrence.co.uk/fact_sheets/speedball.html

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