February 16, 2010

Impressionistic Art Quilt Class with Ann Loveless

I am so extremely lucky!! I got to take a class with Ann Loveless. She is amazing - a great artist, a great teacher, and a wonderful person!! We spent a couple of hours "chopping up" fabrics to create "Impressionsitic Art Quilts" - it has made me think of fabric in a whole new way. Ideas are spinning in my head!! Here is the quilt I made during her class.

Now, some detail shots:

I am truly inspired!! I have already been cutting more fabrics for MORE of this style of art quilt - I'm thinking of fabric as "paint" now. Even the ugliest, nastiest prints (the ones you can't believe you still have in your stash, the ones you push to the back and/or bury in hopes that neither you nor your friends will ever see again) turn out to be amazing in this techinque. FUN!!!!!!!! : )


  1. That's really spectacular. What a great technique, and you took it to a fabulous level :) The colors are amazing. Great work!

  2. Wow Heather, this is so beautiful! I am going to have to look up this teacher. It looks like a great technique and your quilt turned out stunning!


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