February 24, 2010

Silk Sari Ribbon Journal

So last night I was busy ironing and flatting piece upon piece of silk sari ribbon - it is so beautiful, in every way. Colors, vivid...texture...torn edges...how can anything NOT look fabulous if it is made of this wonderful stuff? I decided to start with a smaller piece, so I fused a piece of black cotton to some stiff interfacing then began sewing vertical strips of ribbon, rows of them, then using smaller and smaller pieces, layering and sewing over the original strips. When that piece was finished, I had to decide what to make!! I figured a journal is a good starting point to play with to see where else it might take me. I added "Journal" stamped out on canvas in little sewn blocks and then painted over with acrylic paints and fabric markers. I added a loopy fringe along the border for touching and playing with as I write in the journal. It is very tactile, and I wanted to include some of it in its raw form to be able to touch and pet! The final addition of scattered colorful beads was like adding icing to the cake of lustrous color - I'm hooked on silk sari ribbon now!!!

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  1. Beautiful!! I just discovered sari ribbon (a year behind the world!) and got some -- found your blog when looking for ideas of what to do with it... love this journal!


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