February 25, 2010

"Impressionistic Style" Art Quilt Pillow

Using the same "Impressionistic Art Quilting" style, I created a pillow for my fiance. His favorite color is PURPLE - which he refuses to wear - so this was his Valentine's Day present : ) I knew I wanted to use the same sort of style that I learned in the class I took with Ann Loveless, however I wanted to create an image for the front of the pillow that would look less like a landscape and more like - well, just flowers, in all different shades of purple. This is what I came up with!

It was my first real attempt at sewing a piping edge on a pillow, and I was very happy with the results. I looked up some videos on youtube.com for how to sew a piping edge on a decorative pillow, and some women had so kindly shared their tips and how-to videos! For the binding and the back I used a hand-dyed batik cotton which worked out very well. Also on this piece I used a piece of PURPLE tulle instead of black, to add to the overall "purpley" shading on the pillow.

A close-up view of the created pillow top using chopped up bits of fabric:

And last, here is how the back looks:

(I love this batik fabric!!)

I wasn't going to upload these to my blog, thinking maybe he would want this pillow "all to himself" however tonight he took a look at my blog and said - very disturbed - "why didn't you post my pillow?" So now that I know it won't offend him, I'm happy to share!! : )

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