October 27, 2010

"The Little Prince" Customized Art Quilt

I have been in communication with a new friend via etsy - and all I can say is that it has been SO fun and inspiring!! I was asked to create a special, large wall-hanging style art quilt featuring "The Little Prince" and his Rose, in a similar style to the quilt I had published in Quilting Arts Magazine - except much, much larger! Whimsical images paired with textured fabrics and an "Impressionistic" style background make this piece unique and delightful - reminiscent of the original book's illustrations (the inspiration for this piece).
On this piece I experimented with some new background surface design - building up layers of fibers and stitching mixed with Shiva paintsticks and hand-stitching. The combination of even machine stitching against the scattered, uneven hand stitching creates even more surface interest than in some of my previous pieces.
I also played with some hand-dyed lace, used as appliqued leaves for the Rose - which is also extra-special, created from special silk ribbon in variegated reds using ribbon-embroidery (classic spider-web rose).
I pulled out "all the stops" on this piece, because I knew it would be a treasured keepsake - a very special gift - and I wanted it to be worthy of the occasion it commemorates for its new owner.
In the photos you'll see so many different techniques - those mentioned above, plus many more embellishment and surface design and art quilting techniques - this was truly one of those pieces for me that was difficult to stop - as I realllly enjoyed this theme and the creative freedom I was given - this is truly "my style" art quilting : )

Finished piece measures aprox 30" wide:

The Little Prince is tending to his Rose....

Ribbon-Embroidered Rose with hand-dyed lace leaf applqiues:

"Falling Star" - Fairy Frost Fabric appliqued and surface-embellished with Shiva Paintstiks, with trailing tendrils of metallic mesh - outline stitched by machine and by hand,
with hand-sewn twisted gold bugle beads:

Left:  Extensive overstitching on sunrays, in variegated threads, then overpainted with fabric dye.
Right:  "Orbits" and background planets created using fussy-cut swirly motifs from Van Gogh's "Starry Nights" commercially printed cotton fabric (purchased at Field's Fabrics!):

"Impressionistic" style background in variegated blues created
a perfect "Celestial" background for this "Little Prince" planet scene:

~ Thank you for veiwing my latest project!! ~

October 18, 2010

Latest etsy project - French/Parisian Inspired Journal Cover

Recently I got an order for a custom journal cover which was so fun, I just had to share.
It is "French Inspired" - and I was given a specific color palette to work with: pale pink, black, and silver.
It was a LOT of fun to work in this range! And I love how "Diva" the results are - which is exactly the kind of effect she was going for!
(Here is a link to her website - where you can see her GORGEOUS hand-painted furniture - it's amazing!)

This customized cover is made to cover a 12"x12" journal/photo album, and features layered/textured sari ribbon fiber art for the main background. In the center a wavy-edged inner "frame" is created using pink textured silk, with glitzy silver metallic ric rac edging - all around the central embroidery, which is "The Family Of" - then the family's name - all free-motion embroidered in a fancy swirling script text. The cover is also adorned with large, trailing black rose appliques, which have satin-stitched vines/leaves, and large organza petals with ribbon-embroidered centers for the roses. It is all topped off with small pink swavorski hot-fix crystals to add some sparkle and glitz, and a dozen different coordinating ribbons adorn the spine to add a romantic feminine touch as well as tactile interaction.
The result is a truly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, completely customized piece of art to grace the cover of a very special photograph album, art journal, or book.

Here are a few photos of the finished cover:

I am happy to create another custom art journal cover,
either in a similar theme/color selection, or in your own colors!
Please email me at heather3stars@yahoo.com for details,
or visit my etsy store at:

October 14, 2010

Wildflowers - Mini Art Quilt

"Wildflowers" is a frameable small art quilt featuring lustrous silk sari ribbon flowers, with batik fabrics for the sky and foliage. A sweet floral scene with variegated overstitching embellishment. It is mounted on heavy white matboard and is titled and signed. Art quilt piece measures 4.5" wide by 6.25" tall, and the matboard measures 8.5" x 11" (standard size).
My mom and I actually collaborated on this piece as well - we had a LOT of fun picking out fabrics and layering the backgrounds!! : ) I'm in the process of making several of these, in different variations. I really love combining all of these little pieces of fabric - it's so fun!! I've started researching different flower types, especially wildflowers, and began a journal to draw outlines of the flowers - repetitively - to help me get the feel for their different shapes. I think this will help a lot when I cut them out - I'd like to be able to say I free-cut them instead of drawing the outlines first. I'm looking for a couple of good books that might have the vintage-style, very simple coloring and outlining, with the common names for various wildflowers - it should be a fun hunt!! A few I'd like to try so far are Coneflowers and Iris (which I'm trying to perfect) - and Lily of the Valley, Aster, Bachelor Buttons, Crocus, and Forget-Me-Not - and maybe some violets. Oh! And Pansies - for my grandmother : )

"Wildflowers" Matted Art Quilt by Heather J. Reid

A close-up view of the flower and stitching detail:

Last, here is a quick snapshot of the back, to see how much stitching there is on this one tiny piece!
(You can see why I use "Bottom Line" thread for the backs of pieces like this!!)

This piece is available in my etsy store at:

(If you don't see this piece available anymore for purchase, let me know - I can create something especially for you or reproduce this particular piece.)


Try making some mini art quilts for yourself!!
They are super fun - if there is anybody out there who would like to trade with me some batik fabrics or cotton printed fabrics (ones which might be suitable for this kind of scene) - I'm especially short on beiges and ivory...I'd be happy to do a "swap" with you! Just email me (heather3stars@yahoo.com).

October 1, 2010

Sailboat on Lake Michigan - A Fiber Art Quilt Collaboration

"Sailboat on Lake Michigan"

by Carole Nyenhuis & Heather Reid
September, 2010

This is a collaborative art piece, created by me and my mother. She tossed me this magnificent art quilt and said "I'm just sick of it." Ha! Have a look - and marvel with me at why she was frustrated ????! All it needed was a sailboat - and a little "thread painting."

This quilt is created using over 40 different types of fabrics, and 20+ types of threads. Texture....texture.

Pieced together textured fabrics create a base for confetti art quilting, fiber art, and thread stitching and painting. And then there is MORE thread painting...I simply couldn't stop!

The foliage and beach is reminiscent of Lake Michigan in the summertime, complete with a sailboat meandering along the water.

Detail Photographs:

This quilt is available for sale on etsy at:

Please feel free to leave comments -
I really want my mom to know what a wonderful job she did!! : )