February 10, 2011

Mini Fabric Art Collage - "Wildflowers in the Forest"

This past weekend, I got to go to 2 days of classes with Lenore Crawford. It was amazing!!! This was a Christmas present from my mom - (she's the best) - and I learned SO MUCH!! I would encourage EVERYONE to take one of Lenore's classes sometime - here is a link to her website:

I have been very busy working on a large art quilt, which I will post soon - however I wanted to share this little piece I started in Lenore's class, and finished up just today. This technique is so FUN!!

This piece is created from tiny little squares of several different fabrics - all overlapped to create a "forest scene" with wildflowers. There is also a bit of hand painting detail on this piece.

I'm already thinking of ways to adapt this - my head is literally spinning with ideas - I'm inspired and motivated all over again!! Sometimes a little art class is all you need : ) *NEED* I say!!!

I'll be posting more again soon!  In the meantime here are a few more photos of this piece, including some close-ups which show the technique and detail a little more clearly. Enjoy!!!

See? It looks like a bunch of jumbled squares close-up, however from a distance they all blend together into one cohesive piece. It is really interesting to think about fabric prints in this way - almost like putting a puzzle together. And best of all - a whole project can fit into ONE ziploc baggie - I'll be bringing projects like this with me everywhere from now on!! : )