February 24, 2010

"Emo/Punk" Journal

About - well a few years ago, I started a journal for a friend's daughter, and today I finally finished it!! I was so proud of myself. UFO for only 3-4 years, but it needed to "incubate" I suppose...
The person I made this for was going through a really tough time at the time, and she is so young and sweet and immensely creative - she and her sister both have this wonderful sense of style and have that very cool "edgy" - and I'm told it isn't "Goth," it's "EMO." ; ) So I attempted to make something she would like, with respect to their styles, and here's what I finally came up with!!
It's a version of a curved Journal by Embellishment Village (link here - Embellishment Village's Curved Pieced Journal Cover) and the inside is a mishmash of different types of papers all sewn together art journal style, with stampings, vellum pieces, painted papers, laces and trims to prompt more writing or painting or whatever amazing creative things she'll probably do with this just as a starter. I'm so excited to give this to her - it has been a long time coming!!
I tried to work mostly with a palette of black, white, gray, and pink - only the smallest amounts of pink to give it a feminine feel, and add a bit of color.  I also included specialty papers that include images of music - guitars, etc - because not only is this person talented in art, but music as well!

Front Cover:

Includes hand-dyed fabrics, commercially printed skull trim on grosgrain ribbon, free-motion stitching with silver thread, metallic ric-rac, sparkly layer of tulle overlaid one one of the curved sections, and a row of hand-beading.

Inside pages photos:

(Pages are varied in size and shape, so that it creates a "layered" effect and different portions of other pages show no matter which page you turn to - I love this effect!)

Notice mesh pocket, lace trim sewn around the outside edge of the paper so it shows on both sides, overstampings, and use of vellum overlays.

(Includes a piece of paper that I was practicing calligraphy on - a great way to use up "samplers" from calligraphy sessions! Even the imperfect ones look great this way.)

This last photo shows a page I covered completely in black tulle, then stitched and layered around a squared off area, then cut away the tulle to create a "frame" for journaling or a photo.

It is very fun to sew together random papers and use different stitches - a very easy way to create an art journal, and also a great way to use up paper scraps, especially those "special" ones that you don't want to throw away (but you've made way too many cards in your lifetime!) - my only fear is that I have covered the pages with too many special papers and now there isn't much white space for writing...but I hope it's at least a good beginning!! : )

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