March 9, 2010

Anthropologie Statement Bib Necklace with Silk Ribbon Flowers

I have been inspired by the "Anthropologie" style necklaces, AKA "Bib Necklaces" or "Statement Necklaces" as I've been browsing around on etsy. So I decided to try making my own! It turned out pretty OK for a first attempt - I heart it so much I could barely stand to list it! ; ) I'll post a tutorial soon.

The flowers are made from 100% silk sari ribbon - which I'm completely obsessed with - all except the center flower, which is a layered style flower made from all different types of fabrics stacked on top of each other. The center flower also has a miniature antique/vintage pearl brooch sewn on - I love upcycling vintage jewelry. The necklace portion is made from two different old necklaces that I pieced together and hand-stitched down onto the "bib" portion, so it has a double-strand effect.

Very fun! Very easy! Make one!! (for yourself!)

Find the Silk Sari Ribbon here:

Find the necklace at my etsy shop, or something else crafty I've made, here:

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  1. I absolutely love the necklace and the silk flowers that you made this from. Did you ever post the tutorial for this? I would love to have a go myslef.

    Love the blog. Keep up the brilliant work, it's so inspiring.


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