March 24, 2010

"Crayons, Candles, and Heat - oh my!!"

Aside from the Wallpaper medallions (previous post), I also used the crayons/hot wax to create a few other interesting things.

You can also use the hot crayon wax on FABRIC!! Just follow the directions for the medallions, replacing the wallpaper with a piece of muslin or other fabric, and color randomly (or in your own designs). The fabric turns out just a little bit stiff - but still easily workable for an art quilt!

I'm going to be making a BUNCH more melted-crayon fabric pieces - I just love how the gold crayon worked as a blender in this piece.

I would recommend for fabric pieces, to finish and before use, sandwiching with newspaper layers, then ironing, to remove some of the extra wax (it will soak into the newspaper) and give it a lighter "hand" for sewing.

I also got out a stack of my hand-painted papers, and started adding more layers, using the crayons-on-griddle method - nothing is safe now!!! (mhua-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!)

This paper started as a very unsuccessful - rather sorry, uncolorful, boring painted piece of paper - I hated the design that I had stamped, and really considered throwing it away - so I just went crazy coloring over it with the melty crayons, randomly adding lines and squiggles, and now if I cut it out into shapes, I think it could work into something definitely not boring !! : )

On this last piece, I colored long curved horizontal bands of color across a piece of thick textured watercolor paper, with the paper on the electric skillet, letting the crayon melt as I colored. Once I had the bands of color, then I grabbed a WHITE CANDLE, rubbed it over the page (as if it were a crayon) in squiggly rows vertically, then grabbed the page with the tongs and held it up over the skillet (holding the paper vertically), to allow the extra wax to drizzle and run down the page. It made a VERY neat effect - the colors swirl into one another and make a beautiful texture with the wax all at the same time.

So - a plain white candle can act as a "blender" for crayon I'm off to see what else I can do with that new discovery!!

Coloring with melting crayons is fun, fun, fun!!! : )

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