March 17, 2010

Another Impressionistic Style Art Quilt

Still using the technique for "Impressionistic Art Quilts" with tiny cut up bits of fabric, I began another art quilt yesterday. I'm not as pleased with the composition/arrangement of elements as in the other one I made, but I AM pleased with this wonderful fabric - it is "Vincent Van Gogh's Irises" fabric that I purchased from Field's Fabrics here in Holland, which was the most wonderful fabric for fussy cutting the foreground flowers. It is difficult to find floral commerically printed fabric to use with this technique, because it has to have all of three characteristics - a good size, good coloring and shading, and good outlining. This fabric happens to have all three!! There were also some other wonderful fabrics from his "Starry Night" that inspired me - but for this quilt I used the Irises. It's my mom's favorite flower, so I wanted to include lots of them : )

I think the whole view is not nearly as exciting as the photos I took of the parts and pieces - so I think I'm going to deconstruct this and make it into some smaller quilts.

See? Just look at these floral closeups - they're so much better than the entire quilt!!

(I love how the irises stand out in this one!!)

And another closeup view (bottom left of quilt) which features the VanGogh Iris Print fabric:

(possibly my favorite!!)

My next evil plan is to cut this apart, into these 3 sections, then use the background pieces that are leftover - such as the large piece of sky - and build a second layer on top of it, to see how a dimensional effect would look - or with a ground section maybe do some ribbon embroidery work and add some beading to the centers of the flowers.  I'm so excited about this technique!! More to follow, soon!! : )

Woops, almost forgot to attach the photo of the backside of the quilt - to show how much free-motion embroidery goes into one of these art definitely giving me good practice!!

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