March 25, 2010

Foundation Pieced Quilt Block Journal

Today I wanted to try using some leftover fabric scraps AND try a "real" quilting technique. I've been browsing through an old crazy quilting book again and again, admiring the embellishment stitching, but I've never put much thought into the construction of my own quilts - just fused and layered things without any special construction or techniques otherwise. So I chose to try "foundation piecing" - my block turned out a bit wonky and not exactly like the book showed, but I'm still happy with the end result! Since I only made one block to start, I turned it into a journal. I think it would be neater if I could make the lines on the "flower petals" a little wavy, and combine 4 blocks to complete the flower - I might give that a try someday.
But for now, I have a beautiful new journal!! The edges of the block are trimmed with silk sari ribbon (again, I *love* the stuff...) and the journal cover fits a standard size composition book, so it's refillable.

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  1. Are you using a pattern for the base or just measuring as you go? I still haven't made a journal cover using that pattern that you used a long time ago .. the one with the wavy front.


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