March 17, 2010

Art Cards using leftovers from Silk Sari Ribbon Pillow

Today I also had a little look on etsy and saw some fabulous handmade greeting cards, of all sorts - the very "scrapbook-y" style, the handmade cross stitch style, the printed style, some with calligraphy, and some very very artsy - I was inspired to create a couple of my own, using leftover pieces of the center panel of the art pillow (previous post) - the only problem was, how do I complement these silk ribbon panels with ANYTHING that doesn't TAKE AWAY from the beauty of just the ribbon? I think I auditioned every color of every little thing I have in my entire art room that could've fit onto a card (that is a LOT of things...) and nothing seemed quite right. So I tried a couple of hand-painted backgrounds, but it really just looked better on plain white. So I only added simple stamped text...for now. But the ideas are flowing : )

One of the handpainted backgrounds for these cards ended up turning itself into this card:

I love cards because they are small, quick projects that can definitely help you use up leftover pieces and scraps, try new techniques, and ALWAYS need to have some cards on hand!! : )

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