March 1, 2010

My Daughter's Art Quilt

My daughter Bryanne was inspired by my art quilts, and wanted to make one of her own!! How could I possibly tell her "no?" I cringed a little at some of her fabric selections - thinking of how she might just cut into the center of some of my favorite stash pieces - but amazingly she seemed to intuitively know how to cut pieces from the edges to save the rest... and I'm actually quite jealous of her piece!! It's wonderful!! The *only* assistance I gave was to help her change the thread at times...she cut out all these little flowers, arranged everything, and free-motion quilted it all by herself! Then she even went through my stash of vintage buttons and picked out "centers" for her flowers. Sweet little hands : ) She made this for her sister's upcoming birthday - then momentarily decided she would keep it for herself - then decided to give it to her sister again, with the realization that since they share a room, it would be in her own room too - LOL!

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  1. Beautiful little quilt!! I'm a bit jealous myself! ;o)


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