May 17, 2010

Scrappy Little Potholders

My mom requested potholders for Mother's Day, so I searched far and wide to find the perfect pattern for her. After MUCH searching, I found a neat potholder pattern in this magazine: "Sew It All" - Premiere Issue, (A Sew News Special Interest Publication). It is called "Hot Seat" by Beth Bradley, and the pattern can be found on the following links:
1. Front side pieces:
2. Back side piece:

Although the pattern requires a bit of finessing as far as construction, I like this one because it allowed me to use a variety of fabrics - I'm challenging myself to combine different batiks and colorful cotton prints in my recent projects. I love the "scrappy" look of the combined fabrics, and the shape of the finished piece. I opted for no loops (I don't hang mine anyway) but might do that next time, just so I can hang a couple for display in my kitchen.  Also, I used a lot of black overstitching and additional decorative stitching around the octagon in the center, because I like the feel that black stitching gives on colorful pieces of fabric. I dipped into a few of my "favorite stash" pieces of fabric, and love how they look combined together - it has me inspired to work on more scrappy, quilty things! : )

Front and back:


  1. These look great! I wondered how it all went together. Bet your Mom was thrilled!

  2. WOW...beautiful! Love the way you played with colours and pattern and the decorative stitching in the center. Very creative! I think I would hang them on the wall as "art"!


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