May 5, 2010

Today is a GOOD day!

Today has been a WONDERFUL day - for so many reasons!!

1. It is my middle daughter's (Bryanne's) 10th birthday today - double digits!! (I'm thinking of making a Cinqo de Mayo style art quilt just for her, especially since her favorite colors are orange and yellow...)

2. I got to take the afternoon and stroll around downtown with Jason, and we visited all around downtown during Tulip Time - we had amazing Chicken Fajita Gyros and took tons of photos of Tulips, enjoyed some Dutch Dancing in the streets, listened to several live musicians performing on the streets, and got to stroll leisurely through all of the downtown art galleries - my idea of a *perfect* day!

3. While we were downtown, we saw the Tulip Time quilt show, where one of my art quilts was on display - I was a little disappointed about the placement of my quilt (next to a window with barely any wall space) but that's OK, I was still accepted and it was my first art quilt in a gallery setting - so I still felt proud : ) I got to see a lot of other really beautiful quilts there, including traditional style, art quilt style, and a really neat one that inspired me - it was a 50th Anniversary Quilt made my the children and grandchildren, and included lots of photos printed onto fabric and arranged between traditionally quilted blocks and fabric that had personal messages written all over it - you could tell it was a true labor of love, and just amazing...I could only imagine receiving such a treasure on a 50th wedding anniversary from my entire family - wow!

4. Last but not least, when I got home today, I immediately turned on the computer to check Pokey's (Patricia Bolton, from Quilting Arts) blog - which listed the finalists for the "How Entertaining!" art quilt challenge.  There were only 13 finalists listed on her blog, and I was delighted to find my name among them!! This is SOOOO completely exciting - I was literally jumping up and down!! Now not only do I get to give an art quilt loaded with personal meaning to my grandmother for her 80th birthday, I can also tell her it was PUBLISHED, and that the entire world gets to see how her love and the values she has cultivated in our family inspired my gift to her. I'm excited and happy beyond words!!!! : )

This is the quilt I submitted for this challenge:

Here is a more detailed blog entry about this art quilt:

Thank you so much Pokey, and everyone at Quilting Arts, for choosing my quilt!!


Tonight is a night for opening up the windows to the warm spring night,
turning on a little music, and creating with messy paint to my heart's content.

Can one single day possibly get ANY better than THIS??? : )


  1. Hallo
    You wrote that you have been to Tulip Time. In heard that dancers sometimes crack or break their shoes. Do you have photos of that? I am from Holland Europe (the real Holland so to say but I admire what they do there in MI with our mutual heritage!) and I collect everything that has to do with our national symbol the wooden shoe. So if you have somew photos of broken, cracked or flewn off wooden shoes maybe you can mail them to me:
    Thanks a lot!!!

    Kind regards


  2. HUGE congratulations! That's so amazing - you DID have one of the best days ever!


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