July 9, 2010

Custom Creation for Etsy - Silk Sari Ribbon Journal - "Passion" Theme

A wonderful, very friendly and inspiring artist contacted me via etsy to create a custom order for her - an art journal that would be used for a round-robin style collaborative piece.

For now I am just going to post photos - however soon I will modify this post to include ALL of the details on how I went about this project. : )

I would love for any of my followers to visit the etsy page (at least!) of the artist who commissioned this art journal - she has amazing, whimsical style artwork!!  Please visit Rosanna's Etsy Shop - and see her website links also - fabulous work!!

Here are the photographs for now (I'll update soon, I promise!!)

Inside front label page, with contact information for the owner of this new journal:

Heavy Textured Watercolor Paper - Cut in varying sizes to allow overlap and texture within the journal:

Colorful Inside Pages - a variety of different types of papers

A Close-up of the Silk Sari Ribbon Textile Art on the front cover of the journal:

A better view of the spine - and the silk ribbon which holds the inside rings in place:

One last photo - a different view of the front:

~ Thank you for looking!! : ) ~


  1. Heather,
    You are such an fine artist, You have truly oudone yourself on this stunning journal I ordered.

    I have entered a round robin art journaling adventure with 12 other artists and bloggers this year. We are sending it around for an entire year monthly and each artist will display several pages of their beautiful art work and then send to the next artist on the ist until I receive it back in one year. I contacted Heather to make a journal about two weeks ago for me. I never expected to be receiving this amazingly exquisite piece of art to start with. We each got to choose a title for the book and I thought Passion would be exciting and give us all so many ideas to draw, paint, write, design and journal about. I know that these gals are going to be blown away when they open this package and see this journal that they will have the privilege of working in.

    I am now very excited about this art adventure and I truly can`t thank you enough. It exceeds all my expectations. You are an amazing gal and artist,
    Have a very sweet day and I am so looking forward to the mail arriving here in the next few days to begin my art journaling. Now I want another one and another one and another one!!!
    hugs, Rosanna

  2. Heather,
    I just got my book you recommended to me, True Colors and It is just what you said, amazing! I understand the art journaling so much better now as I am a novice at this..Thanks so much again for everything....hugs, Rosanna


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