July 26, 2010

Impressionistic Art Quilt - "Poppies with Blue Sky"

I created another "Impressionistic" style art quilt over the past week. This was a custom art quilt for an order I received via Etsy, and I'm so very happy with the results!! I fussed a bit over the larger poppies, as usually I use fussy-cut fabric from commercially printed fabric for the main in-focus blooms. This stretched me creatively and I tried a few different ideas before finally settling on using the center from the commercially printed fabric and creating my own poppies using large fabric pieces cut into petals, with layers of chopped fabrics on top to help the blooms blend in with the rest of the quilt. On this piece I also did more "thread sketching" than I ever have before - there is an entire spool of black thread in this quilt! I love the effect that the heavy outlining gives and I think I'll do this more in the future.

This piece measures 25" long by 19.5" wide, and is not entirely finished yet - I need to add the binding, hanging sleeve, and a personalized label - but I couldn't wait to post the pictures anyway!! : )

Here is "Poppies with Blue Sky":

Here are some additional detail shots:

The only problem with creating custom orders is having to send them away in the mail!! ; )
Really - I'm so happy I got to create this piece for "Spook" on etsy - it was an absolute delight, and she is so encouraging and has such inspiring ideas. I'm very grateful to have been able to create this for her.
(Thank you!!!)

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