July 14, 2010

Another Sari Ribbon Pillow!

Here is the new square-shaped sari ribbon pillow, part 2 of the custom etsy order I'm working on.
This one is to go along with the round one (previous post) and still includes aquas/blues/purples for the sari ribbon colors. I did a lot of extra beading on this one because I had so much fun with the colors!!  I like the way the edging around the centerpiece turned out too - I used several different novelty yarns/fibers and twisted them together, and couched them down around the edge with a zig-zag stitch.

Also - on this pillow I added a couple of extra special touches, including sewing another border around the outside edge - although subtle, it gives it better shaping, plus reinforces the overlap on the backside of the pillow a bit more - to allow a bit more tug and pull as it is stuffed with a pillow form. Also, on the overlapping fabric on the back side, I added velcro closure, to make sure that the case will be completely secure.

Here are the photos!! : )

Last, this is how they look together!

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