October 18, 2010

Latest etsy project - French/Parisian Inspired Journal Cover

Recently I got an order for a custom journal cover which was so fun, I just had to share.
It is "French Inspired" - and I was given a specific color palette to work with: pale pink, black, and silver.
It was a LOT of fun to work in this range! And I love how "Diva" the results are - which is exactly the kind of effect she was going for!
(Here is a link to her website - where you can see her GORGEOUS hand-painted furniture - it's amazing!)

This customized cover is made to cover a 12"x12" journal/photo album, and features layered/textured sari ribbon fiber art for the main background. In the center a wavy-edged inner "frame" is created using pink textured silk, with glitzy silver metallic ric rac edging - all around the central embroidery, which is "The Family Of" - then the family's name - all free-motion embroidered in a fancy swirling script text. The cover is also adorned with large, trailing black rose appliques, which have satin-stitched vines/leaves, and large organza petals with ribbon-embroidered centers for the roses. It is all topped off with small pink swavorski hot-fix crystals to add some sparkle and glitz, and a dozen different coordinating ribbons adorn the spine to add a romantic feminine touch as well as tactile interaction.
The result is a truly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, completely customized piece of art to grace the cover of a very special photograph album, art journal, or book.

Here are a few photos of the finished cover:

I am happy to create another custom art journal cover,
either in a similar theme/color selection, or in your own colors!
Please email me at heather3stars@yahoo.com for details,
or visit my etsy store at:


  1. that's really pretty ... she DOES like pink, doesn't she (I visited her web site) :) where do you buy the sari ribbon? I have sari waste but it's more of a yarn.

  2. Hi Heather! What a FANTASTIC blog you have here. Simply wonderful and I can see all the work you put in both crafting and the blog.

    You´re fantastic! Wish I had half of the creativity of what you have. But I look, learn, soak it all in and will try to make something of it all in the end. Thanks for inspiring me!

    Love and best wishes


    (yep, I have a blog too but I mostly write and add pics now and then and the writing is all in swedish ofcourse!)


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