October 1, 2010

Sailboat on Lake Michigan - A Fiber Art Quilt Collaboration

"Sailboat on Lake Michigan"

by Carole Nyenhuis & Heather Reid
September, 2010

This is a collaborative art piece, created by me and my mother. She tossed me this magnificent art quilt and said "I'm just sick of it." Ha! Have a look - and marvel with me at why she was frustrated ????! All it needed was a sailboat - and a little "thread painting."

This quilt is created using over 40 different types of fabrics, and 20+ types of threads. Texture....texture.

Pieced together textured fabrics create a base for confetti art quilting, fiber art, and thread stitching and painting. And then there is MORE thread painting...I simply couldn't stop!

The foliage and beach is reminiscent of Lake Michigan in the summertime, complete with a sailboat meandering along the water.

Detail Photographs:

This quilt is available for sale on etsy at:

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I really want my mom to know what a wonderful job she did!! : )



  1. OMG!! Its beautiful....you two did a great job!!

  2. I feel so lucky to have come across this beautiful landscape quilt. I just wish you had more to sell.

  3. I just love this quilt....I ran over and saw you had sold it....stunning and we used to sail on Lake Michigan all the times, in fact we always stopped in Holland on our journeys. so it brought back so many memories..great job and tell MOM that she did a spectacular job.....xo Rosanna

  4. It is awesome, Heather! You and your mom are very gifted. She had told me about this and finally remembered to send me to your blog so I could see it. :o) Love your work!

    Aunt Lynn


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