August 2, 2010

I was published! August/September 2010 Quilting Arts Challenge - "How Entertaining!"

I was delighted to receive my very own copy of August/September 2010 Quilting Arts in the mail today, along with a letter from Pokey. I'm absolutely thrilled to have one of my pieces published in the magazine!! It has been a long-time dream for me, and I'm especially happy that my first piece was a very sentimental one in honor of my grandmother's 80th birthday. I look forward to having my Poppies piece published as well! : )

I am posting a photograph of the cover of this magazine, along with a link of where to purchase it.

Here is the front cover (beautiful art quilt on the front!!):

Please visit Interweave's Store to purchase this issue of Quilting Arts - it is a *wonderful* magazine!!

Here is another picture of the quilt I had published in this magazine - please visit My Previous Post to read the full description on my blog of how I went about choosing this theme (The Little Prince) and how I went about making this quilt.

I am offering replicas of this quilt (the original is a gift to my grandmother for her 80th birthday) and custom-made art quilts (choose your theme or quote!) on etsy in my store. 

Feel free to stop by and have a look!

Here is the link:   "heathers3stars" etsy store page


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  1. Did u jump for joy? It's such a wonderful, exciting feeling to see your work in print, I'm SO happy for you! It's a beautiful piece and well deserving of sharing with the world! Whoot!

  2. Congratulations! I will get that magazine. I'm so happy for you.

  3. Congratulations on being published. I get the virtual subscription, so will look forward to that..
    Continued success


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