April 24, 2010

Cupcake pans aren't for CUPCAKES?!!

A whole BUNCH of cupcake pans, filled with chopped bits of fabric in all my favorite colors - just wanted to post something that makes me very happy! Forget the sweets - I'll take pretty fabrics instead any day!! (Ok, maybe I'll have both. But since I don't actually BAKE - this was the perfect use for these pans!)
This is a great way to store and display (even if only for myself, in my own studio) chopped up fabrics for the "Impressionistic Style Art Quilts" - and helps me to use the fabric as if it is "paint" - my version of a painter's tray for making these quilts.

Pretty colors, see??! : )

And now that all the "chopping" is done, I can "paint" quilts more freely.

~ Things that make me happy! ~


  1. Love the way that looks! Must have taken a while to chop all that fabric up!

  2. This is so pretty! Just found you via Surface Design ... how did you chop it so small???


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