April 26, 2010

Art Quilt with Mom

This past weekend I had a lot of fun making art quilts with both my mom, and then later with one of my daughters, using the "Impressionistic Style Art Quilt" method I've been working on lately.
It was so fun! I got to bring all my stashes of special fabric, combine them with my mom's, and put our two creative minds to work as I taught her how to make this type of art quilt.
We made an entire quilt in one afternoon!
Here is the photo she selected as the "inspiration photograph" for making the quilt, which was taken from an old gardening magazine (GREAT source for this!):

Now, here is the photo of the COMPLETED quilt!! : ) (YAY MOM!!!!!!)

BEAUTIFUL, isn't it??!

For the wooden arch, my mom had pre-prepared some pieces of fabric using one of Pokey's techniques, involving painting fusible web and applying to fabric - which made a very nice "weathered wood" structure in this quilt when cut into little strips. We distressed the pieces a little bit (just by scratching them with our fingernails, which was quite fun) to give more weathering - I'm thinking this would probably work out very well for a tree in a future piece as well.

I really love my mom's idea of using Silk Sari Ribbon for the border/faux binding on these quilts - they really frame and add to the overall feel of the quilts - plus I just love the ribbon itself!!

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