April 26, 2010

Bryley's Art Quilt - Artist in Training!

My YOUNGEST daughter, Bryley - who is now only 8 years old, made an art quilt with me yesterday!!
(I'm just telling everyone out there - ANYBODY can create this type of art quilt!!)
She had so much fun - she LOVED this project and wants to do another one soon.
I had her pick out a photograph as an inspiration/something to work from as we created this quilt, and from there she completely took off on her own - I only had to help with setting up the machine and getting the free-motion work started, otherwise this little quilt is all hers!

Here is the photograph she chose:

Here she is working on her quilt - we chose a very small size as a beginner project for little hands, which worked out very well:

Then I asked her to please look at me and "SMILE!!" and I got a teeth-gritted smile, as she said "hurry up and take this picture- I'm trying to sew here!!" (LOL! She totally gets that from me!! ; )

And.....VOILA!! Her finished piece - her very first art quilt!!
(I did help a little with applying the border - Silk Sari Ribbon)

Beautiful!! She did such an awesome job!!! : )

It's amazing to me what kids can do if you just give them a little instruction, the supplies, and a little encouragement - this would be a *perfect* introductory sewing project for kids of any age.

She is so happy with this little art quilt - she is planning on giving it to her great-grandmother for her 80th Birthday in June : )


  1. She did a beautiful job. Wish I could make something like that!

  2. This is gorgeous. Way to go Bryley!!

  3. It is beautiful! Way to go Mom! I found your blog through the surface design group and I have enjoyed my visit here and am now a follower! Have a beautiful Day!


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