April 1, 2011

Hydrangea Pillow - version 2

The other day I finished up an art pillow, using the "confetti" technique - this one features hydrangeas which is similar to one I created before, with a new twist: FOLIAGE!!
I decided that hydrangeas really do have leaves, contrary to MOST depictions -
and it was really fun to see the colors come alive when the green was added!

Before: (version 1)

After: (version 2!)

Closeup of one of the leaves:

Also on this version #2, I added a little flower adornment - it features a vintage-style metal and rhinestone bloom-shaped center, with layers of the different fabrics I used in the actual pillow cover - plus, a very special hand-dyed vintage lace piece (variegated greens).

I kind of like the green! That could be because the warmer weather is finally coming - I think I have "Spring Fever!" We just moved to a new house (after living in a 3rd floor apartment for years and years!), and there are baby sprouts of green coming up everywhere in the gardens - I'm so excited to see them popping out of the ground!!  I can't wait to see what kind of plants they really are!! I feel a bit like the "Little Prince" waiting for his rose to be revealed - I'm so lucky to have plants and flowers again - it's great, great fun : )


So, my "tip of the day" is:  
Add a little bit of GREEN to your next project!



  1. You know what; I am not really a "green" person at all but when I do cards, tags, Layouts or altered things I use green a lot! Lots of different greens and ORANGE as well!! These are colours that I usually don´t like but once I get going with a project - I find myself using these colours and that´s pretty cool!
    :o) I will definitely use more green now that you´ve said "GO ALONG - USE GREEN" . ;o)

  2. Anf by the way.....the first hydrangea pillow is excellent and with colours that are simply magnificent but like you said; the new pillow with a little green in it makes all the difference. Really. Just like the nature right now...we´re all waiting for spring and all the green we WANT and NEED!
    I love your pillows - they are fabulous and you are one heck of a "pillow-maker". :o)

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!


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