December 3, 2010

Fabric Art Pillows - "Mrs. Hoot!"

My mom had the cutest idea - creating a little owl art quilt pillow. It began with the fabric which you see on the eyes of this whimsical little owl - she looked at it and said "This fabric would make perfect owl eyes!!" So, she just began free-cutting shapes and fused them together - then added bits of dainty vintage lace, and vintage jewelry pieces - and look how sweet it turned out!!

Mrs. Hoot has dressed herself up for a little party, making her own "Altered Couture" style of vintage clothing - (she's obviously been reading Belle Armoire magazine) - all dressed up in her finest pretties and jewels. Wonder what kind of party she'll attend? : )

This owl pillow features silk sari ribbon textile art remnants (leftover from my art pillows on etsy), bright printed fabrics, vintage lace and jewels, rose-shaped acrylic cabochon eyes, free-motion embroidery, and 3d layering for a really unique little pillow on green damask weave fabric.

This pillow sold the very day I listed it on etsy, so I created another -
this might end up being a very fun series!! : )

Sometimes leftover scraps from old projects make the *best* embellishments for new projects!

~ Enjoy!! ~


  1. very nice! and owls sure are popular .. bet these all sell fast!

  2. Oh, what a lovely surprise this morning to pop over to your blog and see these BEAUTIFUL owls! They´re just SO lovely!

    I am still AMAZED of what you can do with fabric, embellishments, sewing, fantasy, creativity and colours!



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