November 12, 2010

Little Prince Art Quilt #3

This is my newest "Little Prince" art quilt, version #3. I'm so happy with it! I took some of the best components of the previous two quilts, added fur-type fabric for the sheep, and added an additional character to this quilt - the fox! He was a bit of a challenge - but LOTS of fun, and I love how he looks : ) I might have to make a few more little foxes on different backgrounds for fun!

I'd love to share (with permission) what my friend Sheri said about this quilt when she first saw the photographs. It was the most amazing "review" of my work - I've never heard things described in this way - she is a brilliant writer about art - just chatting with her on etsy gave me such inspiration and clear definition of my own styles. She wrote this and had it sent back to me within 15 minutes of me sending her the link to the photographs - so I know it was an instant response, honest and heartfelt - pure emotion after viewing this piece - she called it "spontaneous combustion" in another note! ; ) Pretty amazing writing for a "combustion!" Anyway, I just had to share this - because it isn't every day you receive a response like this to your work, where you realize someone else in this world TRULY "GETS" your message!!

Here was her response:

"I love the how you've selected fully saturated colors, mixed with pops of bright and vivid jewel tones. Even the hematite grey of the planet is so rich! The green, red, and yellow primaries are an eye magnet, but there's so much energy and movement all around, that my eyes bounce back and forth from the main focal elements (prince and rose), then to the sheep, the fox; then to the glittering background sky, the dense foliage, down the trunk of the tree, and back to the little prince again!

I am still in awe of how you've incorporated all of our best loved characters, and married them with your ingenious interpretation of that enormously majestic baobab tree emerging boldly from its floral textured planet, fantastical shimmering multihued sky, twinkling golden stars, and splendid swirls (which remind me of other galaxies)! The fox is perfect and so pretty. He looks proud, wise, and oh so proper in his sitting posture! Maybe his big fluffy tail makes him just a tinge vain. hehe ;) Your sweet little conflicted sheep, has a such a stressed out expression, as if he has doubts about being bad (nibbling on the rose). The little guy is also so soft visually (and probably more so in person) that I want to gently touch him with my index finger, through the monitor, just to feel the bounce of the cushy fabric.

Last, but the most special is our hero, the little prince in reclined pose, with his ever concerned thoughts of caring for his vulnerable, yet surly precious rose . . . extending one arm tenderly as if to hug and protect her. Very, very, sweet!!!"

Thank you so much, Sheri - for sharing with me your response
to seeing this quilt for the first time - it was so touching and inspiring to me : )

Here is a link to the "Photobucket" slide show - feel free to visit the link
to see even more photographs of this new quilt! : )

~ Enjoy! ~

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