September 8, 2010

More progress on an art quilt!

I have been working on an art quilt for my friend Linda in Australia - as seen in my previous post.
We decided to add a groundline, with clusters of grass and foliage with iris flowers and some small pink flowers - and we've added several more birds, butterflies, and even a little hummingbird and frog!
Becuase the initial layer was already complete, I added this new foreground layer by laying on the small fabric pieces, and the cut out blooms (fussy cut from quilting fabric printed with VanGogh's paintings), and adhered by laying water soluble stabilizer, which was then stitched (extremely densely) with clear thread to make sure all of the little pieces were secure. Then I washed away the stabilizer - let the quilt dry, and begain coloring over this layer with some fabric dye markers and touches of Shiva Paint Sticks. I'm so proud of how it has turned out!!
At this point, we just need to finish up the stitching on the frog, lillypads and water plants, as they are not yet secured to the quilt (I'm waiting to see what Linda thinks of them!) - and then do a bit more stitching for outlining and shading on the additional birds, butterflies, and flowers. How many birds can you count? : )
After those are completed, we can put on the backing fabric with hanging sleeves and binding!
I'm so happy with how this is turning out - Linda's initial vision for an "enchanted forest" is coming true!
The next photos will be the *final* photos - I can't wait to share!

Left Side:

Right Side:

Iris Closeup:

Birds and butterflies in upper left side of the quilts - (still needs more stitching):

Closeup of the flowers, bottom left beneath the birds (this is on a seamline, there will be narrow black binding around all 3 pieces of this quilt):

Final photos coming soon! : )

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  1. really really beautiful .. she's going to love it! I bet it's even more impressive in person. you are SO talented!


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